Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Censorship be no ship I'll have a part in sailin'!

If you happen to reach my blog today without going through my main site/domain, please take a minute to check the instantkamera main page (now archived at As you are no doubt aware, many big sites (wikipedia, boing boing, reddit etc) are down or have gone "dark" to show their concerns with US legislation (SOPA and PIPA) that furthers the ongoing agenda to strangle online freedoms under the guise of "stopping piracy".

I'm happy to say my webhost,, has my back, and implemented an option to "go dark against SOPA" automatically, but I thought I could do one better, so I wrote my own blurb in pirate-speak and even did a new logo.
Also, Google (who runs this blog via Blogger) AND my image host, SmugMug are both opposed to this dangerous legislation.

It's good to know the sites I choose to support with my dollars and bandwidth are on my side.

again, see for links that say more that I ever could on the subject, and stay free.