Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Hallowee...

errrr... New Year!

Fittingly, I took my own picture as my first of 2012. My wife thinks it's creepy, and I do seem to have devil horns.
The devil in me... by aaron d (instantkamera) on
The devil in me... by aaron d

d90 w/ 85mm@f/11, sb600 fired at 1/8 power via CLS

Anyway, I was never one to care about the New Year, I always thought of it as arbitrary and pointless, especially the resolutions and other nonsense.
However, as I get older, time seems to pass quicker, and I find myself wishing I could slow things down. So, while I won't resolve to lose weight (I need to), or quit smoking (I already did, nearly 10 years ago), I will use this time to reflect on who/what/where I am and how to make the best of my life in the future.