Wednesday, January 4, 2012

new goodies!

Just got an order in the mail, 1.5 new lenses!

I have been finding my reach to be lacking recently, so I snatched up a cheap Nikkor 55-200vr. When I say "cheap", I mean it - it's all plastic, including the mount. It's also not the fastest lens in my bag. However, despite the shortcomings, this lens is a sleeper in terms of performance, especially stopped down. Going rate for a new one is like 250 bucks, and I got this one LNIB (including ALL accessories - hood, caps, bag) for $109. "Who can resist a sale, son?!" 

The other "lens" I picked up is a close-up/macro diopter, the Raynox DCR-150. It's not a proper lens in the camera sense of the word; it's meant to attach to the front of a mounted lens, similar to a filter. Make no mistake though, this is of MUCH higher quality than you standard filter (including so-called "close-up filters"). It is a multi-element/multi-group construction.

This is it here.

I bought the two to be used together, and I must say, they unite harmoniously. It's as if they were intended for one another. The biggest issue with the Raynox is the size, it's TINY (43mm) and thus it's prone to vignetting on bigger glass. Thankfully, the tiny thread size(52mm) of the cheap 55-200vr works like a charm.

I specifically got the DCR-150 in lieu of the much more popular DCR-250 because I felt the 250's +8 diopter would be too strong (a common complaint), and am I ever glad I did, this is already SUPER close. My intentions are more for close-up abstracts than the standard macro fare (bugs 'n shit), so I figured anything that would get me close to 1:1 would be fine.

Stay tuned for some samples from the new toys!