Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trees: a contest submission

Over the last month or so, trees have dominated my life.

I decided to submit to a photo contest, the theme of which is "Trees". Not wanting to submit the oft photographed "dead tree B&W" or any of the other tree clichés (treeché?), I tried to think of different stories I could tell about the subject of trees.

***edit note: I noticed that I gravitate towards including unnatural objects in these...

Needless to say, if I never take another picture of a tree, it will be too soon, however, it was great practice in visualizing and executing a scene/idea. 

In the end, I had a lot of ideas, but only a few panned out. Even those that did are not perfect, or how I initially envisioned them, anyway. I am happy, for the most part, though. I submitted a total of four images, and could have done five, but since I am on my way to Montreal for a week, and the contest ends soon, I decided to wrap it up before leaving.

Force of Nature

A tree's struggle with the fence in it's path. Clearly, the tree will not be stopped.

Force of Nature by aaron d (instantkamera) on
Force of Nature by aaron d


The sky; sun, clouds, and storms are the lifeblood of the tree. I tried to make the tree look like coursing veins.

Lifeblood by aaron d (instantkamera) on
Lifeblood by aaron d

Shooting the Gap

Totally random capture, just happened to have it line up with the contrail so it appears as though the trees were parted for the aircraft.

Shooting the gap. by aaron d (instantkamera) on
Shooting the gap. by aaron d

Time's Up

The last in the series, this is a pine cone that has met it's match.

Untitled by aaron d (instantkamera) on
Untitled by aaron d

Thanks for looking.