Monday, May 7, 2012

Old tripod make way for new tripod ...

Finally buckled and ordered a replacement for my compact and light, but relatively unstable Manfrotto 486RC2 and Slik 340DX.

I went all Induro, and I can honestly say that this is every bit as good and stable as gitzo + top ball head (RRS, Markins, Kirk, etc). Weight would be the only concern, at around 7lbs, but that wasn't a factor for me.

Head - Induro BHL3

this is no small head, ball diameter is over 50mm (real data not avail) and it locks down smooth and tight. This will support anything I will EVER own.

Legs - Induro AT313

My primary reason for getting new legs was height; I'm ~6'2" and with full leg extension but not centre column, the viewfinder is EXACTLY at my eye. The old tripe didn't come close, and it was really unstable with the column extended.