Sunday, July 15, 2012

Roots and Roads

***Note: This was originally posted at, but they resize the images in their "stories" platform, so they lose sharpness/detail.

The context in which we view anything - a person, an object, or even an event - can totally change the way we perceive or understand it.

I found this birch leaf on the ground one day, and as I held it up to the sunlight, I really enjoyed the way it looked. It was dead and falling apart, but in that moment, it was almost as if it was under construction by tiny builders that I couldn't see. It still had colour and seemed vibrant enough to still be "alive".

When I decided to shoot the leaf with my close-up lens, I really wanted to play with light to get that glowing "alive" look that I had see when I first looked at it with the sunshine in the background. Granted, the yellow gel I chose exaggerates that effect, but it still has the pleasing "under construction" look that I was trying to achieve.

A funny thing happened during that shoot. I was able to see the leaf in a TOTALLY different light (both literally and figuratively). After trying many lighting angles and backgrounds, I noticed that there was something about the structure that jumped out when viewed on a dark background; It now resembled, well, earth. Specifically the satellite imagery with which we have become increasingly familiar.

Technical details:
1st image was shot with a D90, 55-200vr and raynox close-up dioptre (dcr-150), an sb-600 gelled yellow.
2nd image is the first with yellow completely desaturated and and green saturated 100%.

Fell From The Sky by aaron d (instantkamera) on
Fell From The Sky by aaron d

View From The Sky by aaron d (instantkamera) on
View From The Sky by aaron d